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Pivot Your Point of View

 Do you find your thoughts constantly moving toward the negative or feel like life would be

easier if you could manage your anxiety?


Do you worry about things you can't control

or struggle with interpersonal relationships? Do you

experience depressed mood

or thoughts of self-harm?  

At Pivoted Perspective the goal is to provide therapeutic services that recognize life can be overwhelming.

We offer an approach that puts you in

the driver's seat of your treatment,

while utilizing best practices. 

A Little About Me

Photo of therapist at the private practice

My name is Michelle McKean, and I am a Clinical Social Worker.

I believe in supporting clients in an empathetic,

non-judgemental way that allows for a safe, client-centred process.

I have a lot of compassion for the well-being of others and 17 years experience in the helping field.


 Specialty areas include anxiety, depression, low self-esteem,

relational issues, grief, and emotional regulation.

I am offering phone, virtual, and in person sessions. I have a large space with more than 6 feet between myself and the client and closely follow all guidelines when providing face to face therapy.


Working together we will set goals to help identify barriers impacting your day to day life,

challenge negative thought patterns and behaviours, and help pivot your perspective

to a healthier, positive mind set. 

Photo of waiting room of private practice in Wolfville, NS
Photo of office at Private Practice Therpaist office in Wolfville, NS

Therapeutic Modalities


Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a short-term, goal-oriented form of therapy. 

The goal of CBT is to change patterns of thinking or behaviour that are creating difficulties in ones life. 


Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. 

Dialectical means "the existence of opposites." DBT teaches two seemingly opposite strategies: acceptance and change.The goal is to help clients regulate intense emotions and improve interpersonal relationships through validation, acceptance, and behavior change

Strengths Based

A strength-based approach to therapy is a form of talk therapy that focuses on building more of what is already right rather than fixing what is wrong. Clients and therapists work together to identify the client’s strengths, abilities, hopes, and potential and then use those inherent positive elements to instill a sense of purpose and happiness.


Pivoted Perspective has set fees based on the NSCSW

recommendation for private practice masters-level social workers registered with the College at a rate of $175.00 per

one-hour session.

This rate is also set to assist third‐party payers (i.e. insurers,

government, and private business) so they can make informed

decisions when adjusting reimbursement rates for services. 


This recommended fee is based on a comparison of other mental

health professionals in Nova Scotia providing counselling and

mental health services.

Direct billing for most insurance companies now available. 

Green Succulent Plant
Decor at Private Practice Therapy office in Wolfville,NS

112 Front Street

Unit 221

Wolfville, NS

Near Acadia University

(902) 300-6077

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